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VNC Client for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
Your big screen on your pocket screen. Anywhere.
Connect from anywhere in the world to your computer using a VNC connection. There are different VNC servers for any operating system, either it's Windows, Mac OS or Linux. If you want to connect to your Windows system using the native RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) you can try our Remote Desktop app.
VNC Client.
VNC Client allows you to connect to any Windows computer using your iPhone,
iPod Touch or iPad. The app uses RFB (Remote Framebuffer) to connect to any computer that has a VNC server installed and running. There are many products available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. You can find free versions for each operating system.
This minimizes the required bandwith.
Standard keyboard. Or wireless keyboard.
Remote Desktop works with the iPhone's
or iPad's keyboard. But if you want to use the entire
as a monitor, you can attach an Apple wireless keyboard to your device. It works like a charm.
Mouse emulation.
Remote Desktop emulates the mouse.
You can left-click, right-click and even double click. Drag & drop is also implemented.
From the big screen to your pocket's screen.
Zoom and pan the remote desktop screen just like you do in iPhoto or Safari. Rotate the device to switch between portrait and landscape
It's free!
VNC Client is free with full access to all of its features. On iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches a small banner might appear in the main window.
Connect anywhere.
Connect through WIFI or your cellular data network. Remote Desktop is compatible with iOS's built-in VPN so you can access your networks securely.
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